Coppull trampoline grades

Again we had a very good day at the grades which were held at our own club as Robin Park was unavailable.

Emily, Dorothy, Megan and Lynne very kindly gave up their day to help with whatever
was needed. Megans dad Peter provided transport to ferry equipment about. 

Thanks also go to all the parents for your much appreciated help as Ian and Jo were kept very busy.

The very good results we achieved led to our current level of qualifications which are
2 at B, 2 at C, 5 at D, 6 at E, 6 at F and currently no-one at G as every person is now moving up the grades ladder . Well done to you all!

As some of you may already be aware Tom has been accepted by the Royal Ballet School in London where he will start in September. Congratulations go to him from all of us and we wish him well.

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